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Bubble Tea Kit - Peaches & Cream

  • $39.95

We heard you! You complained about high in sugar bubble teas giving you a sugar rush. Introducing the world's first naturally flavoured bubble tea! No syrups and less than 3g of sugar! Its light, peachy, cream and lots of boba popping fun! Try our kit today.

The kits comes with:

- 50g of Shoy Organic Peaches & Cream Tea (Approx. 15 - 20 tea bags)

- 400g of Peach Popping Balls (Approx. 16 serves)

- 5 x Bubble Tea Straws

- 5 x Bubble Tea Cups with lids

Steps to making your bubble tea:

- All you need to do is brew your naturally flavoured tea

- Add ice

- Add popping balls

and you are done! Healthy bubble tea the whole family can enjoy!